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Connecting the Dots and Creating a Unified Person: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Heart

If you are feeling a little disconnected, worn out in life, burned out or not sure where to go to next then you have come to the right place. Mercy Tree, LLC is a place of mercy where you can lean in on a big oak and feel supported to delve deep into yourself and re-envision a spectacular life. Where you will be empowered to cultivate your fullest potential and discover what that potential is.

  • Overcome anything holding you back
  • Create an overall plan for your:
    • Physical Well Being
    • Intellectual Development
    • Emotional Awareness And Trigger Recognition
    • Intuitive Development And “Gut Check”
    • Heart-Center, Spirit And “Seat Of Wisdom”
  • Gain ground in personal growth through execution of plans and meditative work
  • Optimize performance and find peace within yourself
  • Become a more unified individual rather than at odds with yourself or living in constant internal conflict
  • Have better relationships, find healing and be in more control of yourself
  • Be able to love more fully and feel life more richly
  • Get out of “the pit” and maintain hope and joy
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